Explore the Culture and the People of Latin America

Latin America is beautiful and very large region that starts up north from Mexico and goes down south to Argentina. This region is full of contrasts, rich culture and history, diversity and unique traditions. Latin American people are known for their hospitality and friendliness. They are also one of the happiest people on the planet, despite all the problems of everyday life. They love to dance and enjoy good music. They also love good cuisines and all countries in Latin America have fantastic landscapes.

Interesting Facts

Up until late 19th century, most countries in Latin America were colonies of European countries of Spain and Portugal. Even today there is big influence from these countries and Latin Americans are proud of their heritage. Europeans have influenced their culture, food and religion, so Latin America is a unique combination of different customs and traditions. Portuguese language is the main language in Brazil, but all other countries in Latin America have Spanish as their native tongue. However, there are many unique accents and words that were created by the local people of the countries.

All countries in Latin America have something nice to offer. Argentina and Chile are known for their delicious wines, Brazil and Colombia are known as coffee, sugar and emerald producers, while Venezuela are known for their beautiful women. Football is the sport of choice of all Latin American countries and their people are very passionate fans that love sports.

Latin America has so many traditions, influences, great foods and cultural elements, which makes it challenging to explore everything. However, take your time and get familiar with everything Latin America has to offer if you want to feel the region to the fullest. Latin Americans are very religious people and Catholicism is the main religion in all countries of the region. Religion is very important aspect of Latinos life and celebrating holidays in Latin American countries is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Traditions and People

Latino families are usually consisting of many members and their families include grandparents, uncles, aunts and other cousins. They all like to spend time together and to take care of each other. The family bond is very strong and that is one of the things that make them very special.

Latin Americans also enjoy preparing, eating and sharing their food with people. They are very welcoming people that take big pride in the way they prepare and eat their food. Latin American food is known worldwide for its tasty and colorful ingredients. Every Latin American country has their unique dishes worth trying. Mexican food is known worldwide, but all other countries have something special to offer.

The best way to explore Latin America is to travel throughout the countries and see all things first-hand. Use apps like Selfie Swiper to find selfies of locals and travelers going around the country.  By getting in touch with Latino people you will quickly see how proud and special they are. Keep your mind open, see all the unique things Latin America has to offer and enjoy bonding with Latino people.