Travel to Dominican Republic

Have you ever considered going to a beautiful tropical country where you can fully relax and enjoy beautiful sights? If the answer is yes, then one of the greatest choices you can make is visiting Dominican Republic. Situated on the Hispaniola Island, Dominican Republic is great place to visit any time of the year. The climate is moderately tropical with seasonal rainfalls, but most of the time you can expect nice weather, ideal for exploring the country.

Terrain and Getting There

Dominican Republic is surrounded by picturesque mountains and attractive plains, which give this country even bigger appeal. Santo Domingo is the capital city and usually the first place visitors see. Holiday makers are visiting this city all the time and there are many beautiful things to see and places to go in the capital.

Dominican Republic is well connected with other Caribbean islands in the region so getting to the country is very easy. Entry visa is free for most travelers and upon arrival you should get a tourist card with all the necessary information regarding places to visit in the Dominican Republic. Besides reaching the country by an airplane, you can visit Dominican Republic through other means of transport as well, like cruises and boats that come from nearby Caribbean islands.

People & Things to See and Do

People of Dominican Republic are very friendly and eager to help every traveler. Spanish language is official in the country, but most people understand and speak English as well. You can find good accommodation almost everywhere throughout the island, so just ask some of the local people or travel agencies to help you.

No matter where you go, you are guaranteed to have a memorable travel experience in Dominican Republic. Some very popular places for enjoying beautiful tropical holiday include Sosua and Puerto Plata, both located on the north side of the island. The emerald Atlantic Ocean is wonderful, so you can lay back, enjoy the sun and relax. On the eastern shoreline you will find Punta Cana, which is another fantastic tourist spot to see. On the south part of the Dominican Republic is the nice blue Caribbean Sea, where you will find pristine sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and attractive resorts.

Besides enjoying on the beautiful beaches, there are many more other things you can do on the island. People interested in history can visit some nice old cathedrals dating back from the early days when Dominican Republic was found by Columbus. Surfers and scuba divers can enjoy some great surfing and diving locations, and there are also many options for those interested in good dining, shopping and sports. There are many great places just waiting to get discovered, so make your travel plans, pack your bags and visit the beautiful Dominican Republic.

Hopefully this information triggered your curiosity for exploration and seeing new things. If you want to have a truly memorable holiday experience, then Dominican Republic is your ultimate destination for exploring and creating memories that will last forever.